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Keeping Calm and Dare I say Finding Happiness

Even when things are uncertain

I am sure I am not the only one who was feeling scared or anxious lately. Especially, with so much uncertainty around us. Really not knowing what the next day will bring. Trying to keep up with the news so you know what’s going on but also not trying to scare yourself. It’s hard to find the balance of feeling like everything will be ok and what do I do and what’s going to happen?

The truth is I don’t know what will happen, I don’t know when people will be back at work or when your next paycheck is coming. However, I do know that even in these moments you can find moments of clarity, calm, and even a little joy or happiness.

I know that sounds crazy or even impossible but it’s there. Happiness and joy are just a thought away. 68 seconds to be exact. What does this mean and how does this work? Ok, so I am sure you always hear that “The Joy is in the Journey” and we all get that, but we don’t practice it. Right! We tend to focus on what we want and that fact we don’t have it. We want our million dollars in the bank, we want the love of our lives in our bed, and we want to eat everything and never gain weight (well at least that is what I want). But the truth is there can be happiness there without the things that we so desire.

So now let me get to the good part of how it works. As I said 68 seconds, so how you want to start this off is think about one thing that is good in your life. I mean it doesn’t have to grand it could be I am feeling hopeful about my job or I have a wonderful family. Hold and Think about that for 16 seconds with no interruption. And build on it a little more, so I am hopeful about my job, 16 seconds, I feel as if my job is getting better, hold and think for 16 seconds, I feel that money from this job will be for all my needs, Hold and think for 16 seconds, that money will just increase more and more. Hold for 16 seconds. You will find that you just helped yourself on a different thought pattern. And not only that but you will find yourself feeling better.

Now, I am not saying that you won’t go back to old thought patterns but honestly the faster you can catch yourself the better. Because that same 16 second thoughts that you hold can also build and start spiraling you down. So, what I do when I find myself doing that I laugh at myself and I literally say out loud to myself “You don’t think like that anymore!” and I laugh. I don’t get mad at myself because I do know better, but I also give grace to myself for not being perfect but let myself enjoy everything. The good, the bad, and even the unknown.

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